Some Longing memories…

In this busy life, in-between times surrounded by crowds and noise.

Lure for the times spent with MYSELF talking in front of mirror,

Listening to the favourite slow love song and remember someone special,

Die to engage in my favourite hobby without any time bound and pressure in head,

Inventing stupid things when got bored, without thinking of its market value would be.

Still, have a gratitude for all those who believed in my stupidity and encouraged me.

It said that “NO sorry, NO thank you; in friendship” but it can’t be ignored that these words only can mend broken bonds and strengthen the bond too.

Every such thought is needed to be executed once when it comes from heart coz to keep yourself ALIVE and CONTENT as long as we are breathing.



Bouquet of Chocolate as Bouquet of Love!!

It’s been a long time since we all love flowers and bouquets. Even we present them to our loved ones on special occasions.

And these beautiful creations with the gift of imperfection mesmerise us with their pleasant aromatic sensation. But it’s so sad that they live for a very short while.

And there lies the most tempting gift of science and nature which cheers everyone out with its name only. Yes, you are right. It’s the Chocolate.

You all might be thinking that all of a sudden why I am discussing these things that too in a poetic way. I just wanted to have few seconds of your lives and devote them to appreciate the real beauties. And of course to increase the suspense level too.

I too wanted to present a lovely bouquet and some delicious chocolates to one my friends. But with the very thought of dried flowers forced me to change my mind. But I have to gift the same gift. So I decided to do some experiment.

I thought, why to present two gifts, instead of planned to gift only one as Chocolate Bouquet. But the dried flowers were still on the scene. And with the limited budget, I cannot afford those handmade flowers or artificial flower sets for the bouquet.

And since I have been gifted with a little knowledge of Crafting, I made my mind to go for self-made flowers.

And Ta Da!!!


So after watching so many tutorials and ideas in my mind, finally my Chocolate Bouquet was ready to be gifted. Using all those kinds of stuff as I mentioned in my last post,

And there go the dried flowers out of the scene. Yes, of course, I cannot match the real beauty and the aroma. Still, I appreciate me to have that dare to go for it.

Even she not only liked my present, she loved it.

Chocolate Bouquet

Went through various experiments with various available stuff just to see which one would work for me. But working with the things we love can give us ample of happiness and peace of mind too.

Rather No one would beg time to pass by when we have such crazy and beautiful hobbies with us.

Hope you guys like my post and the idea too…

Please do leave comments and suggestions as they are valuable…

Why Should you be hired?

People come across with this question very often. Even me too…
So, came up with a different answer… Hope, it would satisfy everyone…

I should not be hired because of my certificates,
but because of the zeal to do miracles.
I should not be rejected because of my Below Low Profile,
but because of not trying even for once.
As everyone needs some time to learn,
And require that Chance to prove them.
So, let me also have that “Profile Changing Chance”,
and learn new something from you guys.
But would like to make a humble request before hand,
If got rejected, Make me privileged to know my Mistakes.


Do it Insanely!!

Those closed windows, need to be let open for a while.
Those serious faces, need to feel the joy of the smile.
Those monotonic routines, need to be changed with a style.
Those dying dreams, need to be lived back not exile.
Because these moments will not be repeated ever again,
So enjoy it in your own way, and let people say:

“You are completely Insane”.

Ate Swiss Roll, like I never had with my dear friends, but decorated the plate as if we have “officially bake it out of the oven”.


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Being my first ever blog, so won’t be writing much…

Celebrations on every New Year Eve,
For the upcoming new mornings and nights indeed.
With the bundles of new resolutions in mind,
Or maybe those old ones with slightly modified.
Like others, I too wish for those more soothing mornings,
and hopeful nights.
Since “Monotonous” is not in my blood,
So trying “blogging” which has already blown minds.