Some Longing memories…

In this busy life, in-between times surrounded by crowds and noise.

Lure for the times spent with MYSELF talking in front of mirror,

Listening to the favourite slow love song and remember someone special,

Die to engage in my favourite hobby without any time bound and pressure in head,

Inventing stupid things when got bored, without thinking of its market value would be.

Still, have a gratitude for all those who believed in my stupidity and encouraged me.

It said that “NO sorry, NO thank you; in friendship” but it can’t be ignored that these words only can mend broken bonds and strengthen the bond too.

Every such thought is needed to be executed once when it comes from heart coz to keep yourself ALIVE and CONTENT as long as we are breathing.



Author: Blog with Lilabati

Art lover, Welcome Changes, Lures Music, Serious towards work, Curious to learn, but avoid "Crowds", bit emotional but positive from nature.

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