Creating something useful in spare time…

We all love gifts, isn’t it… And get many of them during festivals or special occasions. But after taking out those gifts what do we do with those gift wrapped cardboards, we throw them as usual right…

I too had some gift wrapped cardboards, especially those Dry Fruits gift boxes gifted on Diwali’s or other occasions. But when I was about to throw those boxes out of my house, suddenly a thought came into my mind.

“What was that thought?” You all must be thinking right.

Here is that thought…


Yes, I thought why shouldn’t I just convert it out to someone useful, like wall hangings or some decorative piece. And with that thought, I went to our favourite and most visited site “GOOGLE” to get some ideas on it. And I got this…


And with the idea in my mind, I went to implement it. Tadadahh!!! The result is in front of you now.

But most of you would be thinking that, because I love these crafting and I am used to it that’s why I was able to make it. But every job small or big needs Patience and Dedication to complete it by Hook or by Crook. Dedication to complete the job whether you have the items needed or suggested to complete it or you have to compromise with the some. Patience when you fail while trying again and again. Patience while others say “it’s of no use”. It’s just like getting inspired to prepare a Dish after watching any food show and end up collecting half the items listed in the Recipe.  But still, if we try a little harder we can collect some compromising or alternative items which are available with us. And with those, we can prepare a completely different Dish, isn’t it?

 Believe me guys, I too have to go for many alternatives and many compromising kinds of stuff just to complete this. You can probably notice the items used. And the difference they make. But I wanted it to be completed so I did.

So you can, may not be like these kinds of stuff, maybe something else.… Keep Exploring

Thank you guys for visiting. Do leave your valuable comments below and let me know how it can be improved.


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