Some Longing memories…

In this busy life, in-between times surrounded by crowds and noise.

Lure for the times spent with MYSELF talking in front of mirror,

Listening to the favourite slow love song and remember someone special,

Die to engage in my favourite hobby without any time bound and pressure in head,

Inventing stupid things when got bored, without thinking of its market value would be.

Still, have a gratitude for all those who believed in my stupidity and encouraged me.

It said that “NO sorry, NO thank you; in friendship” but it can’t be ignored that these words only can mend broken bonds and strengthen the bond too.

Every such thought is needed to be executed once when it comes from heart coz to keep yourself ALIVE and CONTENT as long as we are breathing.



Why Should you be hired?

People come across with this question very often. Even me too…
So, came up with a different answer… Hope, it would satisfy everyone…

I should not be hired because of my certificates,
but because of the zeal to do miracles.
I should not be rejected because of my Below Low Profile,
but because of not trying even for once.
As everyone needs some time to learn,
And require that Chance to prove them.
So, let me also have that “Profile Changing Chance”,
and learn new something from you guys.
But would like to make a humble request before hand,
If got rejected, Make me privileged to know my Mistakes.


Do it Insanely!!

Those closed windows, need to be let open for a while.
Those serious faces, need to feel the joy of the smile.
Those monotonic routines, need to be changed with a style.
Those dying dreams, need to be lived back not exile.
Because these moments will not be repeated ever again,
So enjoy it in your own way, and let people say:

“You are completely Insane”.

Ate Swiss Roll, like I never had with my dear friends, but decorated the plate as if we have “officially bake it out of the oven”.